Texas Flooding Issues Impact The Used Car Market

Flooding in Texas in 2015

During 2015, flooding impacted several parts of Texas. Residents of East Texas residing near the Brazos River encountered hazardous roadway conditions this spring when heavy showers produced extensive runoff into the river basin. Rain also posed problems in several urban areas, including Houston and San Antonio. The tragic flooding cost lives and left thousands of people with extensive property losses. When looking for cheap car insurance in Texas click on the url: TexasQuotes.com.

One consequence of flooding which does not always attract extensive media attention but does concern auto insurance professionals involves the long term impact of water exposure on vehicles. For example, if an automobile sits in high water it may sustain damage. This situation sometimes occurs in flood zones. In the aftermath of a flood, auto insurance professionals urge used car buyers to pay close attention to the condition of vehicles offered for sale.

Laws Require Full Disclosure

In Texas, the auto insurance profession and car dealers appreciate laws requiring salvage companies to disclose flood damage when they re-sell used parts or entire vehicles that have been exposed to flooding. Full disclosure laws seek to protect buyers.

Although most salvage companies treat customers fairly, it nevertheless remains important during the aftermath of a flood to carefully inspect used vehicles on the market. Sometimes mistakes occur in the recording of car histories. Auto dealers, auto insurance professionals and their customers must remain alert to potential problems associated with flood-damaged vehicles.

An Illustration

For example, a news channel reported recently that the available history about a used Jeep proved inaccurate. A buyer had checked a reported history and paid $12,000 for the vehicle, and then encountered serious problems just four days later.

When she took the two year old car to a mechanic, he discovered rust beneath one of the door handles and mud caked against the undercarriage of the vehicle. He concluded the Jeep had stood in high water. The buyer was able to return the vehicle and obtain a full refund. Many auto insurance companies urge customers to seek an inspection routinely prior to purchasing any used vehicle.

Problems Associated With Flood Exposed Vehicles

Comprehensive auto insurance policies offer some protection to insured vehicle owners whose vehicles have sustained flood damage. However, especially following flooding in which large numbers of vehicles sustained damage, some authorities urge anyone considering a used car purchase to follow several precautions:

1. Test drive the vehicle before purchase;
2. Obtain a complete title history;
3. Ask if the vehicle was ever exposed to flooding;
4. Ask a qualified mechanic to conduct an inspection before purchase.

Auto insurance and automotive industry experts note that floods can damage vehicles in a variety of ways. For instance, exposure to water often causes extensive rusting. High water levels may impair a vehicle’s electrical system or create other types of damage. Auto insurance professionals stress the importance of vehicle safety.

Homeowners Insurance in Texas – Wildfire Insurance Coverage Essential in Texas

California has been in the news lately with its worst wildfire season in possibly decades. Many Californians have been forced to flee their homes in the wake of the destruction of literally hundreds of cars, homes, and other valuable property. California is not alone in facing these dangers at all. Texas is another prime state for wildfire perils, which is why Texas homeowners need to be aware of what their homeowners insurance in Texas covers and it it is notorious to get homeowners insurance from TexasQuotes.com

Experts are sounding the alarm bells after the recent high profile California wildfires. Executive Director Amy Bach of the United Policyholders not-for-profit group, which helps individuals with difficult insurance issues, has warned homeowners living in wildfire risk areas to go through their homeowners insurance policies with a fine toothed comb. She advised that homeowners make certain that their policies provide sufficient coverage to re-construct their houses should they be partially or wholly destroyed. These wildfires are a danger to not only California and the West, Bach has reminded. Colorado and Texas are also specifically in danger zones for these fire. That is why homeowners insurance for Texas policies needs to have substantial fire protection coverage.

It is not difficult to figure out how much a Homeowners insurance across Texas policy needs to provide in order to ensure that you could rebuild your house if it were burned down completely. Bach suggests taking the homeowners insurance for Texas policy and dividing the number up by the square footage of your home in order to come up with an approximation per square foot. Should the result of this equation give a number under $200 per square foot, then you are likely underinsured and ought to seriously think through buying additional coverage. Besides this calculation, you need to double check that your homeowners insurance in Texas policy includes code upgrade coverage. This aids in the cost that you would probably incur in bringing the new house current with the most current building standards in your community and Texas. The goal of these homeowners insurance for Texas homes policies has to be to cover your cost to totally rebuild your house from the ground floor up.

The good news is that wildfire damage of your home does fall under the standard homeowner’s insurance for Texas policy coverage. This is true for any type of fire damage, wildfire-related or otherwise. Besides this, cleaning up and repairs of furniture that is smoke or water damaged from firefighting efforts are similarly covered by your typical homeowners insurance for Texas policy. The dollar amount that would be paid out all comes down to how much of such coverage was bought, and what the deductible amount would be, or out of pocket cost paid amount before the policy pays out.

Another nice feature of standard homeowners insurance for Texas policies is that they provide for additional costs of living once a fire event or other disaster occurs. This would include such expenses of living outside of your home should there be a government ordered mandatory evacuation, as well as living away if your home becomes uninhabitable or damaged. These covered costs would include meals out, hotel bills, and related expenses while your house was rebuilt, along with the costs of buying new clothing.